About us

Hot Breads | Baking Since 1989

Founded by the foodie, professor, and entrepreneur M. Mahadevan or fondly called “Hot Breads Mahadevan”, with humble beginnings in 1989, Hot Breads was one of the first bakery chains to disrupt the baking industry, bringing freshly baked breads to the retail market. By having see through baking facilities, customers were drawn to the brand just by the smell of freshly baked goods. This humble and passionate endower lead to a “bread-plosion” in South India and Hot Breads went global from there.

With more than three decades of baking experience, we now have something new being baked in our ovens! We aim to revolutionize baking, again! Wait till you see what we have been up to these days to make 2021 extraordinary. 

Now, backed by a highly skilled team of world class confectioners, bakers, and pastry chefs; Hot Breads is built around the passion and product ownership. A sprit of quality and innovation burns in the souls of our chefs with goals to deliver world class products at a fair price, baking quality breads, cakes, pastries and other delights for all our customers. 

A fire that was put off over the years has now been rekindled, with temperatures in our ovens being hotter than ever! A year of innovation and change is around the corner with modernization, efficiency and digitalization being the forefront of our growth to create a brand-new retail baking experience. 

A new chapter for Hot Breads - A new chapter for baking. #2021